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Ella Inward and Outward Swing Door Walk-In Bathtubs

Ella walk-in bathtubs are engineered with precision to promote a safe bathing experience for the elderly, those with limited mobility, or anyone who needs a low-threshold entry and exit. The textured, non-slip floors and pre-installed grab bars promote independent bathing. An Ella standard Thermostatic Control Valve prevents thermal shock as it regulates the water’s temperature. The ozone sterilization works to kill mold and bacteria while the walk-in bathtub is in use, ideal for use while you bathe with your partner in a 2-seat walk-in bathtub. Ella walk-in bathtubs are built with top-of-the-line NuWhirl parts.

Same Day Service

Choose a jetted massage package with air, hydro, and foot massage options for a spa-like experience in your own bathroom. Our independent foot massage feature allows you quickly rejuvenate tired, achy soles without filling up the whole bathtub. Just fill the water up to seat level and let the powerful jetted massage take care of the rest. The Infusion™ Microbubble Therapy feature helps exfoliate and soften your skin while you relax in a warm, soothing bath.

Our walk-in bathtub collections include features like aromatherapy to help stimulate or calm your senses, chromatherapy to aid in mood enhancement, and heated seats and backrests for a comfortable bath from start to finish. You’ll even have the

Jetted Massages at Home

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